English Sector

2 04 2010

Euthanasia Should Be Legalized with Several Reason

A few years ago, euthanasia often discussed many people in this world. A lot of people disagree about this system but in the other hand a lot of people also agree this system. Euthanasia is call up polemic in the world that need a detail research and investigation to make it done.

There are many reasons that euthanasia should be legal. First, the patients have no chance of recovery. Many people think that it is a main reason of euthanasia. They think that they can never live a normal life. That disease makes a fault organ all day life. Some of them also think that they must be kept alive by life-support machines.  The example is Mr. Samuel who can’t breathe have to use respirators to help breathing. And then he can’t eat normally have to use feeding tubes to be able to eat and get enough nutrition.

Second, medical costs are very high. This is a common reason in Indonesia. For basic care the cost of hospital room is about $ 1,450. This is just for a basic care, whereas for crucial disease are need a care more than just basic care. Of course the cost is more expensive than % 1,450. And then the high cost medical care causes financial problems. With emergence of big financial problems will cause the other problems such as social problem, psychology problem, etc.

Third, the family suffers. The example is from the case of Nancy Cruzan. Nancy had to take care of her father who suffered from AIDS with a vengeance when Nancy was busy. Finally, nurses and other medical staff only give minimum care because Nancy doesn’t care again with her father. And then Nancy Cruzan must spend time to care for special needs. This is a burden for Nancy Cruzen because Nancy is a busy career woman.

Eventually, with the reason mentioned earlier that really logical, euthanasia should be legal. This is because more positive aspects than negative aspects of euthanasia.




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